Who Are We?

Pain is personal. Pain is individual. So why shouldn’t pain relief reflect your unique position with an individual treatment plan? From the earliest beginnings of Pain Consultants of Atlanta two decades ago, we knew that seeing each patient as unique would be our approach to finding solutions together. That’s why we prioritize relationships of mutual trust between each patient and their PCA physicians, and ensure your very first visit is with a physician. All PCA team members are key to the process, and the consultative nature of how we treat patients is obvious from the beginning.

As one of the first independent pain management practices in Atlanta, Dr. Duralde and our team found great fulfillment in quickly getting to the point of pain relief, while prioritizing patients over profit. We want you to live your life with no pain or much less pain than you are experiencing now. Our physicians want you to get back to the golf course, or to work, or to be able to pick up your grandchildren without pain interfering. That new life is possible, and, after treating more than 50,000 patients, we are certain that our expertise and our model of patient care is what makes us a preferred practice. When you choose PCA, we are in a shared agreement that a better state of health with reduced or removal of your pain is the goal. From your first appointment to the conclusion of treatment, we are in this process together. Contact us so that your story of pain can change to a story of relief.